Detail of after image color study. I feel like this photo is a better representation of the colors. The lights are fluorescent so you can have a better idea of how high the highs are.
This color study is based on the different color combinations your eyes make after staring at in image for an extended period of time. Color pairs of after images are red & turquoise, orange and blue, yellow and violet, green and pink and black and white. When combined in one single image you get extremely dizzy. I had to drink a lot of water while painting this cause I got real light headed. 10x14” gouache on paper. :)

My friends are so thoughtful, compassionate and loving I’m forever grateful.



Photos by Jason Campbell

When I first saw a picture of multimedia extraordinaire Marilyn Rondon, I gulped involuntarily. She looked aloof and untouchable, locked in an impenetrable armor. Her forehead tattoo was just the cherry-on-top of her inked-out arms and chest and the enigma in…

Interview on me :)

Mental illness is like fighting a war where the enemy’s strategy is to convince you that the war isn’t actually happening.
Brown eyed girl
Anonymous murmured: Does your taste in music change according to how you're feeling? I mean like what do you listen to when you're sad? Feeling inspired? I know you deejay and stuff. Just wondering if you have a personal reference when it comes to certain feels.

Music def takes a big role in my creative process. If I’m feeling frustrated with certain projects changing music can help with those anxieties. I like working in silence a lot too. If I’m sad I listen to usher and cry. I love doing that, it helps.

Capricorn Stereotypes


1. Ambitious
2. Authoritative
3. Dominating
4. Narrow Minded
5. Disciplined
6. Consistent
7. Pessimist
8. Traditionalist
9. Responsible
10. Critical

minus the pessimist